Faye Haskins

Artist – Painter & Printmaker

Open Studio Dates – Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th  November. See the news page for further details.

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Faye Haskins is a primarily a printmaker, having specialised in the area for both her BA (Hons) and her MA.

She creates affordably priced, multi layered, often unique prints, working with series of artworks rather than with editions. Faye also paints with a variety of media including oils and watercolours, creating mixed media pieces both on paper and canvas.

Faye is London based but has travelled extensively over the last 30 years creating artworks which reflect these travels. More recently, she has been exploring the coastlines of the UK, using not only the visual information she gathers but the actual objects found on the shorelines. She has also been collecting natural debris during lockdown, such as leaves, sticks and dropped petals from flowers to use in her new Lockdown inspired prints. 

She has taught printmaking and fine art in London colleges. Currently she holds private printmaking sessions and tutorials in her Pimlico, London based studio.

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